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Small Plates

From the Deli

Soups & More




From the Garden

Chicken +$6  Steak +$13 Salmon +$10 Shrimp +$8


Served with choice of regular side. Upgrade to soup or premium side +5 


Served After 4pm


Available weekends only 


Brunch Cocktails

Cocktails & Beers

classic & innovative

Specialty Cocktails

Draft Beer

Bottles & Cans

Wine Selection

Santa Julia + Cab (Mendoza) $7.5/33

Replica Cab `just Right` (Calif)  $10/40

Bella Union Cab (Napa) $175 Bottle only

Jordan Cab (Alexander Valley) $150 Bottle only

Caymus Cab Napa $200 Bottle only


Carmenet Chardonnay $8/32

Vignerons Chalonnaise Chardonnay  $12.75/50

Plumpjack Chardonnay reserve $110 Bottle only

Acrobat Chardonnay (Oregon) $9/34

Lumo Pinot Grigio $8/32


Parducci Merlot (Mendocino) $9/38

Charles Krug Merlot (Napa) $63 Bottle only

Revelry Merlot $45 Bottle only


Villa Maria Priv Bin Sauvignon Blanc $10.50/42

Angeline Sauvignon Blanc Reserve $9/34

Dulcis Moscato D`Asti $9.75/38


Rascal Pinot Noir (Oregon) $9.5/40

Lucky Rock Cuvee Pinot Noir CA $12/48

Hahn S.L.H. Pinot Noir $75 Bottle only

Ken Wright Pinot Noir $72 Bottle only

Justin Girardin Bourgogne $66 Bottle only


Crane Lake White Zinfandel $6 Bottle only

Heinz Eifel Shine Riesling Qba $8.25/33

Pratsch Gruner Veltliner Organic $11.25 Glass only

Vetriccie Rose $7/27

Cielo Prosecco NV $8.25/33


Cigar Box Malbec Old Vine 20 $9/38

Red Schooner Malbec Voyage 10 $110 Bottle only


Kila Cava Brut $38 Bottle only

Vincent Couche Champagne Rose $105 Bottle only


Cune Gran Reserva (Rioja), Tempranillo $90 Bottle only


Historic Baltimore Rainwater $12 Bottle only


St Cosme Cotes-Du-Rhone Rouge, Syrah $48 Bottle only


Joguet Chinon `cuvee Terroir`, Cabernet France $65 Bottle only


Felsina Berardenga Chianti Classico $67 Bottle only

Ch Peyrabon $70 Bottle only

Coastal Cuisine with a Southern Influence

on noble street